All pools circulate water through a filtration unit, normally six to twelve hours each day, depending on pool usage. If this circulating water is diverted to pass through some solar vacuum tubes lying exposed to the sun, then warmer water is returned to the pool. The more tubes and the greater the flow of water, the warmer the pool will become – simple!

To be effective, a normal collector area needs to be approximately 50% of the pool area and this wall produce an output of some 3kWh per sqm per day during the swimming season.

Larger collector areas will be required for shaded/indoor pools and to achieve the higher pool temperatures, the use of floating solar or insulating covers is strongly recommend – particularly at night.

Heat your swimming pool with solar energy!

Evacuated tube solar panels increase the water temperature of a swimming pool by an average of 10°C. This is your guarantee for more fun and a longer-lasting season. When there is sufficient sunlight, the water of the swimming pool is pumped through the manifold in the collectors and returns heared to the pool.

The collectors have an uncomplicated construction and are available in various sizes. The system is fully modular, so further panels can be added at a later date if required. Solar collectors are perfectly easy – a conscious choice, a wise decision, financially and ecologically sound.

Solar collectors supply free energy

During the swimming season, there is enough solar energy available

The investment repays itself in the short term by saving on energy costs

The swimming pool can be used more often because the season lasts much longer

The swimming pool becomes more attractive by virtue of the higher water temperature (10°C on average)

A durable, clean and environmentally safe source of energy

“You Have Found The Source For Heating Your Pool For FREE!”

If you have a pool and you heat your pool by gas, electric heater or heat pump, you will know the very high cost of heating to that point that you will stop using it.

Heating a typical 30sqm pool will cause you P 22,000 a week or P 88,000 a month or one million a year. Why waste this money when you can heat up your pool for FREE. You can enjoy your pool without harming the environment by burning fossil fuels. For resort/commercial pool operators, increase your profit during -ber months by turning your regular pool into a heated pool.

Thermo Tank Solar Pool Heaters provide you and your family with a cost effective and environmentally conscious way to keep your pool warm and inviting even during the cold months.

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