• For houses with an Overhead water tank as source.
  • Hot water flows by gravity to shower or water outlet.
  • System automatically refills.
  • 24/7 hot water supply.

For NORMAL to STRONG water pressure source, please refer to “For Pressurized System” Click Here

New HOUSES- this is the best time to install Thermo Tank Solar Water Heater

HOUSES UNDER RENOVATIONS- this is the best time to incorporate Thermo Tank into your home.

OLD HOUSES WITH SINGLE COLD LINE- we convert! No major dismantling of walls needed.

Thermo Tank “LOW PRESSURE GRAVITY TYPE” Sizing Guide:

Tank Capacity(Liters) No. of Tubes Persons to use Promo Price
100 Liters 10 1-2 Persons PHP 18,500
120 Liters 12 1-2 Persons PHP 20,800
150 Liters 15 1-2 Persons PHP 24,800
180 Liters 18 2-3 Persons PHP 29,800
200 Liters 20 2-3 Persons PHP 32,800
250 Liters 25 up to 4 Persons PHP 39,800
300 Liters 30 up to 8 Persons PHP 42,800

Please note:

Delivery & mounting fee not included in the above price. Cost will depend on location.

Piping materials not included

Actual hot water usage may vary from person to person

The chart is just a guide

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