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Savings We Get From Solar Thermo Tank Water Heaters

July 16, 2013

Do you know which electric appliances use the most energy the moment you turn it on?

Is it Flat Iron? Refrigerator?  Aircon? Laptop? Or electric WATER heater.

Let me give you a clue, anything that generates heat, it consumes tones of energy. Like Flat Iron or electric stove and specially hot water heater, these are the energy monster.

If you have an electric shower heater, or u use hot water for laundry, cleaning utensils, or some other application then u should listen on. The info will affect your business or house in more ways that u possibly know. Savings too big it can be enough to buy a car or a laptop every year.

Electric water heaters usually start at 3000watts or 3kilowatts. For those who don’t know watts, 1 kilowatt is 1000 watts. 3kw is 3000w. So the Electric heater consumes 3000watts at the minimum.

Yes, these electric heaters starts 3000 watts up to 11000watts for some models, it is all indicated at the back of the heater, at low settings its 3000w medium to high se…Read More

Solar Thermo Tank Testimonials

” installing 3 solar water heaters of three different sizes, our electric bill went down from P19,o00.00/month to P9,000.00/month   That’s a savings of P10,000.00 a month. I am sure a big bulk  of the savings came from the use of solar  water heaters. ” -Sr. Guadalupe of Good Shepherd, Baguio- Solar Water Heater user since  March 2011

“just want you to inform that the solar panel is installed and working flawlessly.
Even in this period of cloudy days it makes plenty of hot water, we are very satisfied with it.Your solar water heater is doing really great, we couldn’t find a way to finish all the hot water it’s producing!” -Mr.Martelli Lorenzo, Moalboal, Cebu.

“just spoke to a good friend of mine who owns a resort in Cebu, I told him how satisfied I am with the solar water heating system you guys installed and recommended your product, I forwarded your web page to him and I am sure he will contact you soon” – Mr. Hans Fuchs, Marinduque.

“Thanks for fitting me into your busy schedule and installing your solar water heater before I left the Philippines. I have some friends staying at my home now and they said it is working well.” – Mr. Michael Turk, Tagaytay

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