The Thermo Tank Pressurized Coil System is ideal for areas with NORMAL to STRONG water pressure. This is a “HEAT EXCHANGE” type wherein in a hollow coil is inside the tank and it is submerged in hot water. The cold water enters at one end of the coil absorbing the heat of the copper coil and comes out at the other end as heated water.


Cheaper than Pressurized Copper Tip but maintains the same pressure from the source.

Water in the main tank is not used.

The whole tank is not pressurized. It has an air vent to release the pressure if the water temperature goes up. Only copper coil is pressurized. Whatever pressure that enters the coil, the same pressure comes out.

Temperature of water coming out of the coil is slightly lower than the water in the main tank.

Ideal for residential, bakery,restaurant, etc.

Thermo Tank Pressurized “COIL TYPE” Sizing Guide:

Please note:

Delivery & mounting fee not included in the above price. Cost will depend on location.

Piping materials not included

Actual hot water usage may vary from person to person

The chart is just a guide

Pressurized system has higher flow rate than Gravity type meaning hot water consumption is more.

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