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Thermo Tank Pressurized Copper Tip System is ideal for areas with STRONG water pressure 30psi to 60psi. This system maintains the existing water pressure from the source. It does not add or reduce any pressure. It is suggested for deep well water source.


Strong water pressure maintained throughout the hot water line. If 40 psi comes into the tank, same pressure will come out of the tank.

There is no water inside the tube. Even if in case of breakage, there will be no leaks. The system continues to work.

There is no small tank on top of the main tank. Its sleeker looking.

Water temperature is higher than the Pressurized Coil Type heat exchange system.

Whole tank is enclosed. Temperature & Pressure relief valves are installed.

The system does not need to be place on the roof. It can be put lower than the point of use.

Glass tubes can be replaced without the need to drain the tank.

No sensors, no complicated part, no electrical risks.

Suitable for hotels, motels, resorts that have high pressure source.

Thermo Tank Pressurized “Copper Tip” sizing Guide:

Please note:

Delivery & mounting fee not included in the above price. Cost will depend on location.

Piping materials not included

Actual hot water usage may vary from person to person

The chart is just a guide

Pressurized system has higher flow rate than Gravity type meaning hot water consumption is more.

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