Heating water is EXPENSIVE

Do you know how expensive it is?

Traditionally, all bathtubs, Jacuzzis and whirlpools use electric heating element to heat up the water in the tub. Without the heaters, the water is too cold for comfort, user will always need to warm it up.  For an outdoor tub, it takes an average 3 to 4 hours to heat up that volume of water to reach a comfortable warm 37C temperature. The usual electric heating element installed in the tub is 3000watts! 3000watts is equivalent to 4 aircons (3/4 hp aircon is 780w)or 300 pieces of CFL lights.

You can check the illustration on our homepage.

Why heat your spa using electric heater when you can do it for FREE? FREE FOR LIFE.

You can now enjoy your hot tub without worrying about the expensive electric bill and without feeling guilty for using up fossil fuel.

Let our tested system work for you.  All our tubs are solar water heater ready and can easily connect to our solar water systems.

Our Hot tubs are designed to be heated using ZERO ELECTRICITY




   Provides relaxing hydrotherapy
   Soothes sore muscles and joints
   Improves sleep
   Increases general sense of well being
   Supports cardiovascular health
   Alleviates fatigue
   Boosts immune system

Our Hot Tubs are manufactured using:

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