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The Thermo Tank “GRAVITY TYPE” is:

  • Ideal for houses with NORMAL water pressure source like overhead tank and NORMAL City water pressure.
  • For HIGH water pressure source, please refer to “Pressurized Source”Click Here
  • Hot water flow by gravity to shower or water outlet.
  • System automatically refills.
  • 24/7 hot water supply.

icon1 New HOUSES- this is the best time to install Thermo Tank Solar Water Heater

icon1 HOUSES UNDER RENOVATIONS- this is the best time to incorporate Thermo Tank into your home.

icon1 OLD HOUSES WITH SINGLE COLD LINE- we convert! No major dismantling of walls needed.

Thermo Tank ” GRAVITY TYPE” Sizing Guide:

Tank Capacity(Liters) No. of Tubes Persons to use Promo Price
100 Liters 10 1-2 Persons PHP 16,800
120 Liters 12 2-3 Persons PHP 18,800
150 Liters 15 3-4 Persons PHP 22,800
180 Liters 18 4-5 Persons PHP 26,800
200 Liters 20 5-6 Persons PHP 29,500
250 Liters 25 6-7 Persons PHP 36,500
300 Liters 30 8-10 Persons PHP 39,200