Savings We Get From Solar Thermo Tank Water Heaters

July 16, 2013

Do you know which electric appliances use the most energy the moment you turn it on?

Is it Flat Iron? Refrigerator?  Aircon? Laptop? Or electric WATER heater.

Let me give you a clue, anything that generates heat, it consumes tones of energy. Like Flat Iron or electric stove and specially hot water heater, these are the energy monster.

If you have an electric shower heater, or u use hot water for laundry, cleaning utensils, or some other application then u should listen on. The info will affect your business or house in more ways that u possibly know. Savings too big it can be enough to buy a car or a laptop every year.

Electric water heaters usually start at 3000watts or 3kilowatts. For those who don’t know watts, 1 kilowatt is 1000 watts. 3kw is 3000w. So the Electric heater consumes 3000watts at the minimum.

Yes, these electric heaters starts 3000 watts up to 11000watts for some models, it is all indicated at the back of the heater, at low settings its 3000w medium to high settings will use higher KW.
If you still can’t get an idea how much energy is wasted, or cant visualize it or not familiar with wattage let me give u a comparison,  I’m sure u are familiar with light bulbs, those energy saving light bulbs that are 5watts or even 7 or 10 watts. Those who are the same watts we are describing here. 1 light saving bulb has around 5-10watt. The electric water heater with minimum 3000watts. Those are equal to 300 pieces of energy saving lights turned on at the same time. YES 300 pieces x 10w = 3000w.

You sometimes turn the lights off to save electricity so can save money, guess what? The electric water heater I just mentioned starting at 3000w, they are 300 pieces of Energy saving lamps all turned ON at the same time while u use the electric water heater for shower or for anything else.

Or let me give u another comparison, 3000w is almost equivalent to

4 sets of aircons at 3/4 hp (780w) turned on at the same time


3 flat irons turned on at the same time.

Isn’t it funny we try to save on the small things like turning off 10watt lights while we innocently spend too much on water eating bill that is equivalent to 300 pieces of light. Or how you set timer on your aircon so you to save on electricity

Or how ironic it is we tell our housemates to iron all clothes at the same time to save money or shut it off early to save on electricity while we are guilty of using the hot water system that WE CAN GET FOR FREE?

Now multiply those unnecessary electrical bills and multiply that by 365 days a year with the number of people in your house. Isn’t it a big amount you are wasting?

Why do you need to pay a single cent to use your electric water heaters when you can have FREE HOTWATER FOR LIFE. This is a proven technology. Proven all over the world, proven all over the Philippines.  We use ZERO electricity to heat, refill the system. We have installed all over the Philippines from the coldest area in Baguio to as far BORACAY and even Mindanao.

What makes Thermo Tank work. Stainless steel tank, insulated system keeps the heat in and the cold temp out. Our tank is insulated so if ever it is raining, the cold outside temperature won’t affect the water inside, Even when it rains the temp in the tank remains the same – hot.

The system is so reliable that some of the well managed establishment uses this to cut down on their water heating bill.

Good Shepherd Baguio is saving at least 12000 a month when they stopped using their electric water heaters for shower, they also use the hot water for cleaning greasy bakery pans. Sister Guadalupe can vouch for that, no amount of money can persuade her to speak for something that is not true.

Villa Escudero is saving at least 10000 a month on their system that they use for cleaning their kitchen utensils, not to mention they use less cleansing solution in doing so bec. hot water makes cleaning faster.

Manaco beach resort in Boracay is saving 120,000 a month when they stopped using their LPG based heater for their 14 villas. Yes 120,000 is their average LPG heating cost for the last 3 years and now they are down to 2-3000 a month. That’s 110,000 savings a month or 1,230,000 a year! You can buy yourself if a car with that money EVERY YEAR!

All these are real world savings and they have already earned back the money they have used on our system with in a year’s time.

If you are building a house, or planning to have an establishment like laundry, restaurant, bakery, resort, hotel or motel or dorm or any other business that would need hot water, whether it is a new one or you have existing establishment, we can help you cut down on hot water expenses.  I would suggest you give us a call at 09195577710 or send us an email at and we will get back to u with details on how to save. Check our website to see how much you can save the world by cutting on greenhouse effect.

The savings is real, the decision is yours, it will mean a free laptop every year or u continuously pay those bills every month, every year for the rest of your life.

(base on savings of 170liter system) for 5 people

2 people x 30mins. of hot shower a day cost 2100 a month. 2100 x 12 = 25200 a year.

We guarantee it makes hot water or you money back.


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