Frequently Asked Questions

How does Thermo Tank tube type compare to “Flat Plate “ type?

Other solar water heaters use “flat plate” technology which has been around for many years. It works, but is very expensive, but now there is a betteralternative. THERMO TANK SOLAR WATER HEATERS  use state-of-the-art technology based on evacuated glass tubes and highly efficient heat transfer technology.

Flat plate solar water heaters are only at their maximum efficiency in the middle of the day. A great deal of the sun’s energy is simply reflected off the flat glass panels, especially in the morning and afternoon.

In fact, a Thermo Tank solar collector will absorb up to 50% more of the sun’s energy than a comparably sized flat plate solar collector. Faster heating time means you don’t need ELECTRIC BACKUP.It means big savings. Check illustration 


Can I use it even if we have cold climate like Baguio, Tagaytay or Antipolo?

Yes, it can be used in areas with cold climate, Our products have been proven in Baguio, Tagaytay, Antipolo  (see pictures at Proven Projects page). The tubes consist of 2 layers of borosilicate glass (Pyrex)with a vacuum between these 2 layers. This vacuum in between the tubes acts much like a thermos flask, retaining about 97% of the energy absorbed from the sun.

As a result, an evacuated tube solar collector is the perfect system for very cold areas. The result is an incredibly efficient system to harness the heat of the sun even in extremely cold areas. Because the system is so efficient it does not require full sun and can work in cloudy or even rainy days. WE GUARANTEE THIS 100% IT WILL MAKE HOT WATER.

Im building my house, is there anything i should know?

  1. The best time to put solar is during construction stage or renovation stage, because you can embed the hot water line from the roof to the bathrooms.
  2. The total cost of owning the solar may even be cheaper than buying electric heaters. If you have 3 bathrooms and you want to purchase 3 electric heaters, a good brand will cost 10,000 each, 3 x 10,000=30,000. Its almost the same price as a system for 5 people. Owning Solar is cheaper than owning electric heater. Solar Water heater is cheaper to own, cheaper to run and operate because its free for life.

What are the savings that i can get from using solar over instant shower heaters?

For a typical 5 people household If you can turn off your heater which starts at 3000W everyday, you can save and return your investment for the solar unit within a year or approximately 25,000 per year. Savings will even be higher when you have more people. Base on our calculation, Return on invesment (ROI) is within a year more or less. A CHART is at the bottom of this page.

How long does it take to install my solar hot water system?

Solar THERMO TANK  solar water heater systems are lightweight, and comes with all the brackets and frame for the whole system, all you need to do is mount it on the roof. You can expect an average installation to take 3-5 hours.

Can I use Thermo Tank Solar collector with my existing hot water system?

Yes, the Solar Thermo Tank Solar Water Heater can be retrofitted to most centralized heater system  by using their existing hot pipeline.Then you don’t have to pay gas/electricity to keep your hot water hot. Our water are kept warm WITH OUT  any electricity in its INSULATED TANK.

What happens if the Evacuated Tubes are damaged or broken by accident?

The Thermo Tank  HEXA TUBE is very strong and uses toughened glass (Pyrex material) which is highly resistant to damage under various weather conditions. Just like your house glass windows, it will not break unless it is intentional and would require a great deal of impact to break it. If tubes do need to be replaced this can be done quickly and easily for only a small cost. You simply change the broken tube NOT the whole panel.

What if the hot water is used up?

For Gravity type – Our automatic water refill system makes sure it will replenish itself once you use the water. It is a mechanical automatic valve that will open up and close and uses ZERO electricity.

For Pressurized System  – Water is also replenished as hot water is used.

How many people will the Thermo Tank Solar Hot Water system service?

Solar Thermo Tank Solar Water Heater systems come in a full range of sizes suitable for any domestic/ commercial/ industrial installation. From 2 people to 5000 people. The exact size depends on the number of bathrooms, number of people living in the home or volume of hot water needs for commercial/ industrial applications. There are types and sizes of systems to suit every needs.

How will I know what type do I need to use? Is it gravity type or pressurized type?

If your cold water pressure entering the house is NORMAL , then GRAVITY type is suitable.

If your cold water pressure is very strong above 25-30 psi like you have a PUMP or you are very near pumping station, then we recommend the pressurized type. The Pressurized system does NOT add or reduce pressure from source, it will just Maintain it.  When using this Pressurized type , your hot and cold water pressure will be equally strong. On the other hand when you use Gravity type on a house with very strong pressure, the cold water outlet will be STRONGER and the hot (by gravity) will feel weaker. That is why there is a Pressurized system to make BOTH hot and cold water with equal pressure.

A guide –If  water pressure from source  is 20-25 psi downwards – gravity type is recommended

If its greater than 25 psi –Pressurized is recommended.

Where can I use the Thermo Tank Solar Water Heater?

For Home – bath, shower, lavatory, laundry, kitchen, cooking, car wash, pets etc..

For Commercial – hotels, motels, restaurants, dormitories, resorts, schools, commissaries etc..

For Industrial – food processing, poultry dressing plant etc..

Do I need to use special pipes for hot water?

We recommend you to use PPR pipes. It is used for the hot water pipe so it can withstand the heat of the hot water. This means your hot water can be available also in the lavatory, kitchen sink, laundry area etc. as long as the hot water pipe has a line to those areas and not limited to showers. This is specially helpful in cold climate areas where water is cold. We can offer the PPR pipes at a fraction of the cost in major stores.

Where else can I use Thermo Tank solar water system?

It is almost limitless-Home use, resorts, hotels, motels, factories, laundry shops. As long as hot water is needed and you have an idle rooftop, it can be used. Savings on your business. Big users like Laundry, Simply calculate the liters that you consume everyday and multiply that by 0.75 cents  per Liter, that is approximately the amount you pay for per liter basis. If you use 500 Liters per day, you save 400 pesos per day.

400 x 30=12,000 per month or 144,000 per year.

Can i install the solar hot water system in my existing home with no hot water line?

Yes, Starting 2013, we have a new system (Thermo Box) to convert your existing cold shower to warm water shower without breaking your wall to install the hot water pipe.

For this special piping, the price starts at P 6,000 upwards (not including the solar water heater)

Where do I install the Thermo Tank?

The Gravity Type can be installed over the roof, as long as the tank is higher than the place where you will need the water. The Pressurized System can be installed on the roof or lower that the point of use, as long as it gets enough sunlight. For best sun exposure, facing South is the best.

Do I need water pump to pump water from the Thermo Tank?

No need for special pump. It uses gravity. This system is the easy to run.

As long as water can reach the place where the solar heater tank is, that is enough. Once the water enters the tank, gravity will do the rest for its hot water line. Its simply very easy to use. No electricity consumed. IN FACT IT’S ZERO ELECTRICITY.

Can I put electrical backup in case I need it?

.Yes, Automatic  Digital controller with electric heater backup is an option. It will heat up your water in case you need it.

Basically, in 365 days of the year, you can count with your fingers how many days you will use the heater backup. It will not be very often, maybe not at all. As long as the system fits your requirements and the right size for your family, you will never need electric back up because the stored hot water is enough for your consumption.

How about when its cloudy, do we still have hot water?

Yes, cloudy days can still produce hot water, the difference is only the rate of making the hot water is slower, but definitely it will still make hot water. Once hot water is produced, it is stored in the insulated tank, where it stays hot.

Will the 180 liter tank(family size type)be enough for my needs? How will i know which one is suitable for me?

The Solar Thermo tank solar water heater system produces HOT WATER, not warm water, so every time you will need to use it, you will need to mix it with cold water. So you will not really consume the whole tank but only a small fraction of the HOT WATER to make warm water for domestic needs. The 180 liter system is computed for 5-6 people in a typical size family.

What other savings or advantages do we get from Thermo Tank Solar Heater?

Every day, you can SAVE 50% on LPG cost for boiling your water for cooking. You can use the PRE-BOILED HOT WATER FOR COOKING, you save up to 50% of fuel (LPG) cost for boiling water for cooking as it will take a shorter time for water to reach boiling point.

How about Management /Manufacturing /International Standards?

Our system comply with the most rigorous manufacturing standards including the ISO 9001:2000,GB/T 19001-2000 and the LVD European Directives 2006/95/EC
These same Thermo Tank Solar Water system are sold in European countries at a far more expensive price.

Can I use a Thermo Tank Hot Water system for my investment property?

Yes. If you have a property or rental business or into build and sell, the Thermo Tank Hot Water system will provide your real estate portfolio with a number of advantages such as reducing your property’s gas or electricity bills and can increase the overall value of your property. The usual value added to any property with this modern feature is 3 to 4 times the value of the actual system.