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The Right choice can make a difference. A responsible purchase may have a great influence on our way of life. Consider that a product consumes tons of oil during its whole life cycle, generating pollution that forest cannot rebalance. That’s why we take responsibility to make sure it will be the first choice when it comes to heating water. To all who choose responsibly, Solar Thermo Tank Asia offers the best possible material, best possible design at the best possible price so that generating hot water won’t be at the expense of our environment. This is what motivates Solar Thermo Tank Asia to bring technologies that will make solar energy accessible to the masses while contributing towards environment sustainability.

Solar Thermo Tank Asia is the Philippines’ most preffered importer and distributor of solar water heaters. Primary goal is to make solar water heater as affordable as possible and as sturdy as possible, adapting to local tropical climate conditions.

We are the holder of Philippine Patent for Vacuum Tube Gravity Type Solar Water Heater with Patent/Registration No. :22012000073 and Vacuum Tube Coil-Type Solar Water Heater Patent/Registration No. :22012000072.

Solar Thermo Tank Asia is striving to bring every consumer affordable quality products that will enable everyday homeowners and businesses to protect our natural resources and environment. Solar water heating is one of the most efficient and cost effective methods for going “GREEN”. Our company is looking forward to provide clients with free hot water for life with zero electricity solar water heater system thus, making it one of their smartest investments. As we believed that MONEY SAVED is MONEY EARNED.

We are continuously expanding our reach not only in the local and regional but also in the national level to bring better services.

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Good Shepherd Baguio

Good Shepherd Tagaytay

Institute of Formation and Religious Studies School Dormitory

Villa Escudero Quezon Province

La Luz Beach Resort

Noveca Industries

Vazquez Builders

Monaco Boracay

Subic Freeport

Puerto Galera Resorts

Pampanga Laundry

Holiday Dream Resort

Navotas Laundry

Tacloban Hotel

Aventi Town Homes

Villa Chris Pool- Pansol, Laguna

Daughters of Charity- Tagaytay

And many more residential units